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Critical Care

Cover against 32 critical illnesses. Financial protection when you need it most.

Thanks to modern medicine, we now have a greater chance of overcoming serious conditions, and living healthier, longer lives than ever before. But, the costs of medical treatment are rising all the time. To make sure you can always get the best possible treatment without putting a dent in your savings, the Critical Care insurance plan provides you cover and financial support when diagnosed with one of 32 common critical illnesses.

  • Instant cash payment of up to USD 500,000 to help pay bills and replace lost income
  • Cover against 32 critical illnesses (including stroke, cancer, hepatitis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, brain tumour, paralysis, coma, and more)
  • Worldwide coverage* no matter where life takes you (Countries under International Sanction are not covered)
  • Exclusive tele-medicine service and expert second opinions from renowned medical centres in the USA

Premium starts from USD 200 a year (USD 0.55 a day).

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Download the product brochure (English / Arabic) to explore all the benefits and understand the fine print.

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