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Policy Full Surrender

If you wish to surrender your policy for the Net Cash surrender value available, please follow the steps below for a faster processing time:

  • Log in to
  • On the Homepage, go to the policy that you intend to cancel and click “I want to…” dropdown
  • Select “Request Policy Change” then select  “Full Surrender Request”
  • Select your Residency & Upload the required documents
  • Tick “I hereby acknowledge” box & Click “Next”
  • Select “Reason for Surrender” &  “Method of Payment”
  • Fill the bank details for “wire transfer” & Click “Next”
  • Read the disclaimer, tick the “I consent” box and click “Submit”
  • Enter the OTP and click “Continue”

You may be asked to update your address in the process of submitted the above. Please ensure that after updating your address you resume submitting the surrender request.

Important Notes:

  • If your policy(ies) is (are) paid through standing order, please ensure to notify your bank to cancel your Standing Order Instruction.
  • Bank charges might be applicable for wire transfer.
  • If the bank account holder is not the same as the policy owner or if owners bank account details are incomplete, or incorrect the wire transfer request will be rejected.
  • MetLife cannot do remittance to a sanctioned country.
  • IBAN is required for all accounts that have one. For the countries that do not use IBAN please provide your account number and swift code.
  • Once your policy is surrendered, all benefits under the policy ends and the policy shall have no further value of any kind.

Things to consider before cancelling your policy:

  • Will adjusting your premium help? Perhaps you can change your payment amount/ frequency/ pick a date of payment that suits you more, set up automatic payments etc.
  • Are you covered? Continuing the plan allows you to financially protect your loved ones.
  • How will a new policy compare? make sure the policies you’re comparing offer the same coverage and terms.
  • Are you aware of the implications of policy closure? Early cancellation may be subject to high Surrender Charges and other policy expenses. Also, if the unit prices are low, it may not be the best time to surrender.
  • Will a partial withdrawal address your financial need? . If you need a specific amount and your policy is worth more than the amount you need, you can withdraw a portion of your account and leave the rest invested subject to the minimum amount that must be left in your policy.

If you need assistance, please click here