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MetLife 360 Health

Helping you prevent & manage serious illness everyday

MetLife 360 Health

Helping you prevent & manage serious illness everyday

What is 360 Health?

360Health is an end-to-end health solution that helps our customers live a healthier, better life. The MetLife 360Health digital ecosystem provides Prevention and Early Diagnosis toolkits, Easy access to Treatment, Ongoing Care, and Financial Support, in order to help our customers have a seamless experience in all phases of their health management journey, manage treatment costs and enjoy a better life.

MetLife 360 Health App provides a comprehensive Health Assessment questionnaire for you to undertake before onboarding to your new and exciting healthcare digital journey with us, comprehensive, evidenced, and always relevant well-being content, an AI symptom checker for a quick reference and advice, a nutrition tracker with an extensive international meals photo library and a vast nutrients database, and more amazing features coming soon to provide a comprehensive and smart health and well-being solution to our members.



Providing resources and health insights to be more informed on health and overall wellbeing. 

Early Diagnosis

Helping our members with increased awareness & understanding of different disease related signs and symptoms and assist them to connect with relevant resources and tools

Access to Treatment

Easy Access to consultation and specialized services that complement treatment and support a healthy recovery where possible or help to manage serious illness.

Ongoing Care

Facilitate the continuous access to (medicine & diagnostic) services and providing tools / packages for better care.

Financial Protection

Offering a wide range of financial protection through our product & services to help our customers navigate their life better. Easy claims process, on time payment and overall guidance for our customer so that they get a seamless experience in the overall journey.

MetLife 360Health App

MetLife 360Health App is a smart solution for all your healthcare needs. Watch the Video to check all the amazing feature MetLife 360Health will provide you.